About Me

My why, what’s fun and my passions


A wife, mom, coffee drinker, lover of creative story telling through photography and written words, but more importantly I love Jesus!

My Why…

I am married, have two children and I worked the majority of my career in the corporate world as a Technical Writer. Then something hit me and it changed my life forever. I began down a path of debilitating depression and anxiety which lasted many years.

To sum up those years in one short paragraph does not do it justice. But I will tell you that photography absolutely helped me out of it. When we choose to look at life through a different perspective, we see things differently. For me, picking up a camera provided healing. It provided purpose. I started looking at all of the beautiful things God created for us to enjoy. Now, my life goal is to focus on those important things, love God and love others and share this beautiful creation captured through the lens of my camera.

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what sounds fun…
  • I absolutely love to travel with my family.
  • I enjoy a hot cup of coffee, blanket and a good book.
  • I would rather be outside enjoying nature.
  • And I love my dog, Moxy!
  • Check out my landscape photography:
Travel and Landscape Photography
What am I passionate about…

I love serving the Lord and volunteer at my home church, as well as, have taken several trips to Kenya to work alongside my friends in the communities of Kandaria and Katito (I hope to add many more). The thing that I most love is sharing Jesus and what He has done in my life with others. If you are interested in learning more about these amazing organizations, check them out:

Grace in Kenya

House of Hope Ministries


I have the amazing opportunity to be a coach within the Flourish Academy’s Elevate Program, “designed to help photographers grow their business by getting more clients and making more money” as we work together to “design a lifestyle business that works for you while also eliminating overwhelm.”

My specific coaching focus within Elevate is coming alongside photographers who are looking to create a website, give their website a fresh look or troubleshooting pesky issues.

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